Beni straps

Easy adjustable straps

320g /pair

45 EUR


Have you ever adjust your foodstrap during riding? Do you have troubles with classic velcro system as we had? Try our new easy system. You will adjust your strap within 2 seconds and you can continue riding. Easy as. Don't make it complicated.


Weight only 320g/pair!!!


- Memory Foam System

- Toe Ridge System

- padded with 8 mm EVA foam and 3 mm neoprene

- easy individual adjusting with tape and plastic buckle

- inclined 20 degrees for excellent foot ergonomy

- easy montage with plastic Strap Locks Vario - variety of three mounting positions

- top material - syntetic leather with print

- Made in EU!



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EASY MONTAGE SYSTEM - You can mount your binding very quickly and easily with our new plastic strap - locks “Vario”.

There are 3 options of mounting. You can simply change your footstrap’s position to one of the 3 possible options and get the maximum comfort!

The plastic locks are made of a very quality material with flexi properties, which offers durability and perfect fit to every foot.  Each of the strpalocks has one screw. Just find a position you like and use normal cross screw driver and you are ready to go. …


TOE RIDGE SYSTEM - The main purpose of the "TRS - Toe Ridge System" is to bring better holding of your foot on the footpad but also in the footstrap.


There is a special elastic foam ridge placed in the footstrap’s front part. This ridge creates pressure which is strong enough to keep your foot perfectly locked in the foot-bed, but friendly enough to let you take your foot out of the binding when experiencing unexpected situations.


MEMORY FOAM SYSTEM - Your foot doesn’t have to adapt to your footpad, but the footpad should adapt to your foot!!!

Just ride and shape your footpad while riding, it’s as easy as that...

Our footpads will be like custom made for your feet only. After just a few rides the shape of your foot will be copied into the footpad and stay in the same shape even after riding. This feature brings the advantage of having the footpad already pre-shaped for your foot, which brings higher comfort of riding. Shaped footpads spread and softly press your foot and protect your health.

You can ride your board for hours and hours without hurting your feet. The MFS helps us to create more comfortable footstraps than before. It is the same feeling, as it is with footpads customized exactly for the shape of your own foot!